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Herd Health Management

Large Animal Veterinary Care in Gonzales, TX

Herd Health Consultation

Your farm deserves the best veterinary care available. Our Gonzales veterinarians use their superior skills and dedication to veterinary care to provide your livestock with the best care possible. Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Gonzales provides herd health consultations and management for livestock including goats, cattle, sheep, and horses. If your herd can’t make it to our clinic, our veterinarians are happy to schedule farm calls to accommodate your needs.

Chronic Wasting Disease

Do you have a deer farm? When was the last time your herd was tested? Chronic wasting disease is a fatal neurological condition which can lead to your deer farm’s demise. The contagious nature of chronic wasting disease can run rampant throughout your deer farm, wiping your entire herd.

Have your herd tested today!

Dr. Sullivan of Gonzales’ Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic is a Certified Chronic Wasting Disease Antemortem Test Veterinarian! Dr. Sullivan is available to travel throughout Texas and some neighboring states to assess deer herds for chronic wasting disease. At least half of your herd should be tested annually.

Call 830-672-VETS today to make an appointment to have your herd assessed!